Thursday, March 14, 2013

Foodmarkets in London

During my recent trip to London I visited a lot of food markets (I just can't help myself...)
So the upcoming blog posts will be for all of you who live or plan to visit London. I will probably continue writing my blog posts in English since so many of my followers don't read Norwegian.
Borough Market
8 Southwark Street

Tube: London Bridge Station

My first market in London was Borough Market close to London Bridge. The market has a large variety of cheeses, freshly baked pastries and breads, charcuterie, fruits and vegetables, seafood and meat.  Every time I visit such market I want to move to that city and go here to buy the produce for my own cooking. Although I would like to buy a British cheese to bring home I do not think my fellow passengers on the plane would appreciated the smell, so I had to settle for a few tasting samples.
I heard the market is quite famous for its brownie and here I got to taste it.
I'm always drawn to cheese merchants and this also caught my eye with the original Raclette grill. 
Brick Lane Market
Opening Times: Sunday 9am - 5pm
Brick Lane, Shoreditch
Tube: Aldgate East
Overground: Liverpool Street
A friend advised me to visit Brick Lane and luckily for me there was a market here too. Along the street there are different food stalls of Asian, Latin American and Eastern European cuisine.
Fruit and vegetables at Brick Lane 
Camden Lock
Opening hours: Every day (except dec 25) 10am - 6pm
Camden Town
North-West London
Tube: Camden Town
 Camden Lock is a food mecca for those who want to try cuisine from around the world. As you can see in the picture, there were many people. I could easily have been here a whole week to taste my way through the stalls. One finds food from Australia, Spain, France, China, Poland, Germany, Peru, Argentina, USA, yes pretty much all over the world.
At the market, I was drawn to this booth that served the Pulled Pork. (It's probably because I've seen too much Top Chef.) 
Most dishes cost around £ 5 and then you get a proper meal. I dreamed about what it would be like to work near the market so I could go there every day and buy lunch.
 My pulled pork sandwich with pickles and coleslaw.
 Camden Lock seen from above.
Follow me in the coming days where I will write more about my restaurant visits in London.

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